Trend Micro Geek Squad

22 May

Why Choose Trend Micro Geek Squad For Internet Security?

Most of the time when you start to use the internet at our computer or other internet-abled devices, you establish communication with the world. Yes, it’s amazing but every time you click a link, open an email or do any activity involved the internet, you put our cybersecurity at risk. The Internet is full of threats such as viruses, malware, or spyware, waiting for the right opportunity to steal your personal data.

Good internet protection like Trend Micro provides full protection to our devices from well-known threats like spyware to new dangers like crypto-hacking. Basically, it works well by protecting the devices through passwords, changing file permissions, and backing up PC’s data. You can download the original Trend Micro Geek Squad easily on Best Buy Platform.

What is Trend Micro?

A well-known name in cybersecurity, Trend Micro is a tech giant of Japan that provides its high-tech cybersecurity in various parts of the world. The company develops enterprise security software for containers and cloud computing environments, servers, endpoints and networks. Trend Micro’s virtualization and cloud security products and services provide automated security for clients of Amazon AWS, VMware, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

Thousands of internet users buy the security of Trend Micro Geek Squad for their devices each year.

Technologies use by Trend Micro

Since its foundation in 2008, the company continued developing and improving its cybersecurity to provide better protection to its customers. These following are few technologies use by Trend Micro Geek Squad to provide all-round protection:

Trend Micro Smart Protection Network- It’s a cloud-client security structure that provides global threat intelligence to guard clients against any possible online threats, such as phishing attacks, data-stealing malware, and another email, mobile and web threats.

Big data analytics- It’s an advanced tool of its Smart Protection Network.  It allows the protection network to use advanced behavioral-based identification techniques to recognize new cybersecurity threats. The Trend Micro Geek Squad protection network also combines advanced in-the-cloud technology with other client-based antivirus technologies to decrease dependence on the predictable pattern of file downloads on the endpoint.

Trend Micro Geek Squad gets its threat intelligence from TrendLabs, the firm's research, support center, and development. The Singapore-based lab delivers malware forensics and analysis.

Features and Benefits of Trend Micro Geek Squad

The cyber protection software offers a range of features and benefits to its customers that make it one of the best of its kind.

Security Risk Protection

OfficeScan feature of Trend Micro Geek Squad defends your computer from harmful cyber threats like viruses, malware, spyware, grayware, and other Web threats.

Web Reputation

Web Reputation technology combined into OfficeScan feature proactively guards customer’s computers and other devices within or outside the commercial network from potentially dangerous and malicious Web sites. Web Reputation breakdowns the infection chain and stops downloading harmful malicious code. Trend Micro Geek Squad protects covers all types of small, medium, or big industries.

Enhanced Anti-spyware Capabilities

OfficeScan provides effective against a wide range of spyware, including dialers, adware, joke programs, password-cracking applications, and remote-access tools. It reduces the threat of spyware-related crashes, support calls, and slowdowns with the help of a wide, up-to-date database of spyware and customized exclusion lists. It also stops key loggers from the theft of personal information, reserves bandwidth, and protects business productivity.

Plug-in Programs and Plug-in Manager

Plug-in programs of Trend Micro Geek Squad along with service packs, patches, and new product versions are designed to add new security abilities and features into OfficeScan and improve the performance of the product. Plug-in Manager simplifies the installation and management of these plug-in programs.

Security and Policy Enforcement

OfficeScan delivers an all-in-one combination of the Cisco Trust Agent, allowing the most effective security policy implementation within a Self-Defending Network of Cisco. It also contains a Policy Server for automatic communication with other Cisco Access Control Servers.

OfficeScan Firewall

The OfficeScan firewall defends computers and other devices using enhanced stateful inspection, network virus scanning, and elimination.

Damage Cleanup Services

Damage Clean-up Services of Trend Micro Geek Squad cleans PCs of file-based and network viruses plus virus and worm remnants with the help of a fully-automated process.